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13. Oktober 2021 12:00 - 13:00

G-forscht: Kulturalisierung und Zugangsbarrieren (in englischer Sprache)

Despite a health care system that aims to provide universal coverage through health insurance, many people in Switzerland, mostly migrants, are currently uninsured. This results in difficulties (individual and structural) in accessing health services, leading to non-use of health care and a deterioration in the state of health. The presentation proposes lines of reflection to discuss the following questions: how can we overcome these obstacles to access to care for people in precarious situations?
Referierende: Dr. Sabrina Roduit und Irina Radu, Forschungsstelle Hebammen
Raum: MG O1.057

Zum Programm und zur «Anmeldung für Studierende»

Organisator: ZHAW Departement G